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The Judgment of The World By The Cross (parts 1 & 2)
Do you want to discover what the Lake of Fire really is, according to the scripture? Do you want to know its relationship to God's mercy toward the salvation of all mankind? Uncover the mysteries of the kingdom through God's word.

Tithing: Your Inheritances For Sale
The issue of tithing touches issues that run much deeper than money. Christian tithing, as enforced in the churches today, is not only unscriptural, but is actually fundamentally anti-Gospel teaching and practice robbing God's people of their place with him.

I was raised in a Christian household. From a young age, I was taught the basic staples of Christian doctrine by a loving family. I learned about Heaven and Hell. I learned about Adam and Eve, and the serpent, and Noah, and Moses, and David, and Jesus. Along with the other children I was raised with, I sang songs about Jesus, and learned all about how He became the Savior of the World. I knew it was an awesome thing that the world had a savior, and I comprehended the awesome price paid for that.

However, once in a while, the common sense most children are blessed with at that age nagged at me. It was a deeper consideration than I was able to express, and therefore I never addressed it. It was too big and I was too small to understand what it meant. I loved Jesus, or what I knew about Him, the way a child does. But, I couldn't help but sense that for all His love and scope of reign, He undermined himself and his great gift for the world.

I understood that Jesus came to save the whole world, and forgive His enemies, but I couldn't understand why He seemed to undo all his hard work. I didn't understand what the point was of God killing Jesus, his only Son, only to come up with a plan to ultimately keep it out of reach. It seemed that if Jesus wanted to purchase the whole world with his blood, he wouldn't need to depend my choices to save my soul.

It was like Jesus was saying "You are helpless to save yourself, so I am going to die to save you, but I need you to believe I love you, even in your helpless state, before it will have any affect."

Something fishy was going on here. Something seemed phony about it all. But these questions go unexpressed in a young child, because I thought I was questioning God. I found out later, I was not questioning God, but what people were teaching me about Him.

I grew older. I went through the motions. I went from school to school, hitting all the benchmarks of growth into adolescence and early adulthood. I fell into sin. I became depressed, and the more depressed I became, the more I thought about Jesus. But, the more I thought about Jesus, the more depressed I became.

I knew Jesus loved me - and I knew if I could stand before him in the physical - that He would know how sorry I was for being so bad in my heart. I knew He would comfort me. Such a thought made me run away more. The carnal mind wants none of Jesus, though the spirit longs for Him. Eventually, I reached such a state that I told God, "Just send me to Hell, because I cannot live in this world anymore." I had reached the state that not even Hell scared me. I couldn't stop sinning and disappointing God and it didn't matter to me anyway because it seemed that He created a whole lot of Hell on earth and more Hell to come, and not much Heaven for not many people. I knew I could never make it, and I was so tired of being lonely, condemned, and scared.

It was at this point, a friend invited me to church. I thought, "Why not? I might as well." There I committed, or re-committed to Jesus. I was excited. I began to read the Bible, which had become a book of possibilities. Every word I read, was sweet and truthful, and I could sense the Spirit in it. I came across an interesting passage, and was curious about what other people had to say about it.

At that time, I read an article which had addressed my particular question, but within this article expressed the idea that all people would eventually be saved. I was instantly repelled. How could anyone be so stupid as to believe everyone could be saved? I mocked in my heart. Oh, these liberal Christians, I thought. All you have to do is open the Bible to nearly any page to see that such a thing is not possible.

I became a Saul of Tarsus. For anyone who doesn't know who that is: he was an Israelite who murdered Christians and eventually Jesus revealed himself, and Saul became Paul. Eventually, Paul went on to write much of the New Testament. I never killed anyone, but my attitude was the same. In my heart, I scoffed at these fools, who were so stupid as to believe such nonsense that everyone could be saved.

I had not remembered, that about a month earlier, I had been on my knees praying to God with a sincere heart, to remove any deception in my life, even if I was not aware of it. I had prayed this tearfully, and little did I know that as I scoffed at these messengers, God was about to answer this prayer by smashing my heart-idols into shards.

The doctrine of "all-will-be-saved" was quite obviously ridiculous, but I also pondered this: If it were true, Jesus's gift would not be in vain as I had thought. Now, if I believed the sky was blue, and someone was telling me it was red, I wanted to know how an otherwise intelligent person could reach that conclusion. So, a few days later, I finished the article and read a few more.

I was astonished at how much Biblical support they had. I did not think that was possible. I began to see Scriptures I didn't even know were in the Bible, even though I had read the New Testament twice! I began to see translation errors, and logical errors. I began to see how the doctrine of a failed Cross and eternal torment violated even basic common sense, and basic logic. But, most importantly, I began to see the character of Jesus Christ. I began to see who He really was.

I had such a carnal mind! How foolish I had been to speak against the truth! I had no idea what God was really saying in His Word, but did I ever have a few things to say. And, did God ever rebuke me in his Word...and thereby set me free.

And, I spoke out nobody, well maybe mostly to myself. I said "I believe in a victorious God. I believe that Jesus is victorious over everything." That was it. I finally knew that Jesus and his Victory, could not be halted by the long arm of man. I did not say this without Scriptural foundation though. I just decided to believe the Scriptures which said:

  1. God can do anything he wants: Matthew 19:26
  2. God will do anything he wants: Isaiah 46:9-11, Prov. 19:21, Daniel 4:35
  3. God wants to save the whole world: 1 Timothy 2:4, 1 John 2:2

I knew that to deny any above points established by God about himself was to deny his own word. I could no longer say, "God can't do what he says he wants to do." That's clearly blasphemous, so that was out. Nor could I say, "God wants to do something but will not," for God says "I WILL do all that is my pleasure." Nor could I say, "God doesn't want to save all, " for God says that Jesus Christ is the prop it ion for - not only our sins - but the sins of the WHOLE world. God is clear that what ever his pleasure is to do - not only can he - but he will do all his pleasure. I had to accept all that. Those were the facts. Even if accepting those facts caused problems in the doctrines I had already believed, I had to admit that the problem was with me, and needed to search the scripture to find the root of the problem.

I had questions. But, I began to learn more and more, and eventually formed this website. If truth seekers wanted to learn about the truth, I wanted them to have a place that spoke clearly and addressed questions I had. It is a difficult, even gut wrenching thing when God removes evil from your life. You have to look yourself in the mirror, and sometimes what you see isn't pretty. I thought that by believing the truth, everything in my life would be fixed, all my imperfections would be cured. That wasn't the case. I found out that God is growing us. He is bringing us up from our perished state throughout our lives, and it is a long process of continual correction.

The real truth, however, is foundation for that growth. It is a heavy, wonderfully immovable foundation, where you aren't being dangled over the false threat of Jesus Christ's ultimate failure (of which there is no failure). It is a foundation of safety, where God calls you to look at yourself honestly, see who you are and where you need to be. It is a foundation where He will show you where you are wrong for your own sake. Jesus said "For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind." (John 9:39). When I was certain I saw the truth, I was blind. When I admitted I was blind, God opened my eyes. Expect to be corrected on this foundation. He may even do so harshly.

But on this foundation, His Love is never far from you. You can always return to the truth. This foundation is freedom. I truly hope that the information on this site helps you to find the answers you are looking for. E-mail me if you have any questions.

God bless you in Jesus Christ.